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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Online Clean & Simple Day 3 ~ Velveteen stamping

The cards for day 3 were all about background stamping.
I chose Karolyn Loncon's velveteen stamping for my first card.
Now, you do need some full size background stamps to make this work the easiest for you.  I tried the narrow  background strips, but I couldn't get them to line up good because you are stamping white ink on white paper and it was very difficult to see.

I took a close up so you can see how the background stamp shows through the solid color images.
Very nice technique, if I had more background stamps, I would definitely play around some more with this. 


  1. Love the velveteen effect in the butterflies

  2. Beautiful!! I love the classic stripes behind that lovely botanical scene!! You nailed it!

  3. Yes great love this technique did use it earlier I think Jennifer showed it already in a former class.


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