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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Day 12 Copic Storage

This last summer I was roaming through TJ Max and ran across this wooden cubby.  It is meant to lay flat on the back side, there are two rings for handles on the left and right sides...but I thought this would be perfect for my copics. (and I could use it the way it is intended and have the copics vertical instead of horizontal, but I couldn't have it on the shelf above me and still be able to see the colors.
The only thing better would be a stronger piece of plastic to separate the actual color families.  For example all yellows are in the same cubby space, but I separated the Y from the YR with a piece of heavy cardstock.
Up until this class I have had it on a shelf directly above my workspace and it was within easy reaching distance to grab the colors I needed.  Since I was doing a lot of coloring, I just brought the whole wooden cubby piece  down to sit on my desk.
I have a mixture of sketch and Ciao markers, I had to punch holes and write the number on the end of the Ciao markers as it was driving me crazy pulling out every one to see if it was the number I needed.  For now this is working for me and it looks like I still have plenty of room to add more colors in each cubby!!


  1. This is a GREAT storage unit for your Copics and others, Colleen.
    I haven't ventured down that 'marker' road (yet), but maybe one of these Craft Store trips ???

  2. What a great find at the store. This looks like a fabulous way to store your Copics. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. Great storage for the awesome markers!

  4. Great little storage unit you have there.


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