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Thursday, July 31, 2014

thank you cards

Wow!  What a HOT and HUMID place Tulsa, Oklahoma is!  We were there for 11 days to watch granddaughter, Ellie (13) play on the USA Continental High Performance Volleyball team.  She was the number one libero on her exciting and fun to watch!  While they were practicing and making up the teams, we had some down time.  So my Husband and SIL played some golf. 
They played at the Golf Club of Oklahoma and then they were able to play Southern Hills!!  To play at Southern Hills, they needed to be with a through knowing people, they arranged to play with Scott Sutton who is the son of the legend Eddie Sutton who coached Division 1 BB for 36 years.  His son Scott coaches BB at Oral Roberts University.

Jamie and Scott at the First T at Southern Hills CC

Every hole had 2 or 3 of these huge fans to keep the moisture off the greens.
Scott said it was so loud you couldn't even talk when they were putting!

While the boys were golfing, Dina and I did a little mall walking.  We decided to go to the movies and kill a couple of hours.  We saw "Heaven is for Real"...beautiful story!  When I went up to the window to get our tickets I asked how much:  $2.50!!  for two of us!!  AYKM?? The next day we took the husbands to the same theater and it happened to be "senior" day, so Scott and I got in for 75 cents each!!  We saw 5 movies while in Tulsa...what else is one suppose to do when you are living out of a hotel room and it is too hot and humid to do much outdoor exploring?
Here is Ellie's team...she is number "2"
Ellie wants to send some "Thank You" cards to her two coaches, and the boys want to send the same to the men they played golf with...I was commissioned to make them!

Ellie's goal is to be on the Olympic team one day (she needs to grow quite a bit for that to happen I think!) and she just turned 13, so no telling where her interests may lie in the near future, probably NOT working out as much as she has to this point, but maybe...!  She is in the pipeline now, and this is her second year, but every year she has to try out who knows where we will be next year...I am hoping Colorado or even Florida, anyplace but Oklahoma!!
Heart Hugs,



  1. What fun sports themed cards.

  2. glad you had a wonderful time in Oklahoma except for the heat, of course! Big congrats to Ellie on being on the High Performance Volleyball team! You must be very proud of her! Beautiful volleyball and golf bright and crisp! Have a great weekend, hugs!:-)

  3. Colleen these are fantastic! Sounds likek a fun and hot trip!

  4. I wouldn't have wanted to be in Oklahoma, but what a great reason you had to go! Your thank you cards are perfect!

  5. Hope you had a wonderful time, your photos look amazing! Just like your cards, you are the best to make such sweet thank you cards. I love them all.


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