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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Watercolor Class Days 7-8-9

One thing I have learned about water coloring is that they need to dry
between petals or leaves...just so they don't bleed!
so I start one, set it aside, start another, go back add a petal or so, then continue.
therefore I have 4 to show you today!
This is DAY 7
FAUX Hand Painting!
I used Sweet Life...two steps of it so that I could leave some white space.
this was demonstrated by Joni Andaya.
You need an outline stamp, distress ink, markers or memento inks.

DAY 8 Tasnim Ahmed More Faux Hand Painting
And outline stamp was used, this is a Hero Arts stamp and distress inks were used.
I put down clean water first, then dabbed in the colors.
DAY 8 by Laura Bassen...she used this die cut, laid down the negative and colored in between.
A pretty simple card, just need to be sure your brush is not too wet so that it runs under your
"stencil".  Water color paints were used for this card.
Jennifer Rzasa splattered paint and it made a tree?  Really?  I had to do it about 4 times!!  I added the little blue bird just because...!! 
Okay, that is it for me, I may be back later as I do have some more in the works!
Hope you all have a great day and only two days left in this work week, if ya'll work!
Me?  I don't work!!  So I can play a lot!
Heart Hugs,


  1. Great cards Col. Lovely. I particularly like the first one. Amazing job.

  2. Even though it took you a few tries, it was worth it- your tree is beautiful!

  3. In a hurry to finish the stencil class to get going with this one. I love all of your cards in watercolor! Hope you are signing them!!! :-)


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