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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Water color Day 9

I tried my hand at another "splatter tree".
This time I thought I would keep it to spring colors,
I used 5 different shades of green, a bit of yellow and then I threw in some light blue to
give the impression of the sky between the foliage.
I have three elderly aunts and I thought they would love to get this card from me, and especially like the little blue bird sitting in the tree.
thanks for taking a look
Heart Hugs,


  1. its wonderful! wow, such a nice job. I can see me getting paint all over the house. I will try it though. the aunt that gets it will love it. very special

  2. Great job on this technique! I love that you added the cute little bird;)

  3. Colleen, you are SO inspiring with the watercolor style!! I am still stuck mid-way and I think I'm a bit intimidated to go further because I see that this freehand stuff is ahead. EEK. Thank you for all these wonderful examples for me to aspire to!! Hugs, Darnell

  4. Love all your watercolor cards, wish I had taken the class!


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