One seed can start a garden, one candle can light a room, one step can begin a journey, one conversation can start a friendship, one smile from a handmade card can lift one's SPIRIT!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

PTI Anniversary Color & Sketch Card # 5

I am getting through the sketches and color combos!  Slowly but surely!!
I have an awesome granddaughter (well, I have 6 awesome grandchildren), this one
lives next door to us and she is such a great athlete we love to watch her play basketball
and of course volleyball which is her first love.  That girl can make 3 point shots like you wouldn't believe!  And one BB game there was only 4 seconds left of the game with the score tied, she stole the ball and shot from CENTER  COURT and made it for the win!!  I was thinking of her when I made this card.  And the other awesome thing is she always comes over and asks "Papa" to give her more VB lessons, or to take her to breakfast...and they go and just chat forever. 
It surely does warm my husbands heart!
stamps:  Super Stars 

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