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Sunday, February 9, 2014


I am one of those not so clever people with computers, I know there is a way to have your pictures all on one post, but have them separately be posted...well that isn't going to happen, so here I am with the card I made for PTI!
thanks for taking a look!
have a great Sunday!
Did I tell you we had freezing rain late yesterday on top of all our snow?
Well, you can imagine everything was glistening and shiny and treacherous ..even our Pastor cancelled two of the daily masses and told us to make our own decision if we can make it or not.
Well, since I live on a hill, it would not be great to go out and end up in a ditch on the side of the road...besides, no way am I driving in anything like that!
Sure is fun to see it through the windows of the house!
 last night can almost see the glistening snow...and there is a
deep pond right there, but it is totally filled with ice and snow!

this is the "drift" I have follows the edge of a patio path and the is about 3 feet deep now!  and it is a sheet of ice on about treacherous.
Heart Hugs!


  1. Super fun card..and love the picture of you hold it :) And look at all that snow. I wish we would get some down here. Be safe.

  2. Great card Colleen and a lovely smiling picture! Glad to see we're not the only ones with snow!! :0)

  3. I'm with you, Colleen, I don't know how to do that fancy stuff neither! In fact, I didn't even know you COULD do that with a post! Your photo is lovely and so is your card!

    Thank you for sharing the snow photos. It is nice to be getting the moisture, especially for us down here! I'm glad you are sensible and staying in! (More crafting time!) Take care! Hugs, Darnell

  4. Pretty card and great pic, Col....Our snow is gone, gone, gone.....

  5. great card! your kitchen look goooorgeous!!

  6. Your card is gorgeous. Love your picture. You look so young. We have been hearing about the ice storm you had. So glad you are staying in and are safe and warm. The weather is just awful this year everywhere. Stay safe.

  7. Love seeing your smiling face! Wow, what a lot of snow!

  8. Colleen, you are just too cute...and I love seeing you holding your fabulous card. Sorry to hear about your weather, no fun and I am sure you made the right decision to stay home.


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