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Monday, January 6, 2014

Colour Me!!!

Edited:  Challenge closes at Noon EST...I am Pacific time, so I missed it by several hours...I will try the next one and be more on top of things!!

There is a new Colour Challenge in town friends...go HERE to check it out.  The colors this week are:  Island indigo and neutrals...

I don't have island indigo, but I did use a HA  cornflower blue and kraft and brown for my neutrals.
this was a free set from PTI called Ruby Reprise.
Thanks for taking a look!
Happy Monday...all the grandkids are back in school and life will be somewhat "normal".
I spent all day Saturday in the gym watching my 10 year old grand daughter play in a volleyball tournament and they won the silver division!  Yahoo for her!
On Sunday I watched two games of a volleyball tournament for my 12 year old grand daughter and they won all their matches too!!
Have a great week!
Heart Hugs,


  1. Congrats on the volleybal winners!!!! It's a pity your card wasn't intime it's so pretty. Love the combination blue, kraft en white.

  2. Granddaughters both must be happy! Congrats! Love your take on the challenge! Not in time for the challenge but a lovely card for the stash :)


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