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Saturday, March 9, 2013

A St. Patrick's Day Birthday card

I am just sharing a random birthday card for my SIL whose birthday is March 17!  St. Patrick's Day!  And no, I don't think there is a bit of Irish in him...but that is okay, we still love him.  I die cut three hearts using some masking paper.  I set the first heart down in the center and then laid the other two down overlapping at the points.  I used a random shamrock stamp set (acrylic, from the $1 bin at Michael's) and stamped all around my masked area.  I hand cut the stem...pretty exciting to pull of the mask and actually see my shape!  Yeah it worked!  That is it for now. 

My BFF is here until Tuesday and we are just on a roll with cards...doing all sorts of challenges and having a blast in here!  Sure wish we lived closer so we do this once a week or so...


  1. Another clever card. This turned out so cute....

  2. I really like this card with al the clovers!! Nice!

  3. I like how you did this...very creative...I keep forgetting about using a mask for my cards...

  4. Hi Col, back in blogland ;-) LOVE this card.


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