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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

PTI 2013 Design Team and Their Favorite Projects

Big things happening over on the PTI blog HERE and this is only DAY 1!  Go check it out!  Each design team member selected 6 of their favorite projects and we can select one or more and put our spin on it, then add it to a link on Nichole's blog to be entered to win a BIG prize...every day there is something new!

I selected Erin's STAR card, she showcases it HERE with her favorites, it is not a direct link to the original post.  The reason I chose the STAR card is because I was needing some special cards for my older daughter to send out to people who have been so kind during her chemo treatment.  Our church sold over 200 Team Dina T-shirts and sweatshirts over three weekends and they wore them to the 11 Mass on was a day to remember.  Very emotional.  I selected the purple color (Royal Velvet) because it represents cancer survivors (and that is the color of all the T's) and also lime green (simply chartreuse in PTI language!) because that is the color for Lymphoma.  We have so many "Stars' shining brightly on us right now and giving their support and encouragement.  That is why I selected this card to showcase.

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