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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Papertrey's 6th Anniversary Festivities

Day one brought us all the design team members and their favorite 6 project.  The card I selected is from Jessica Witty.  I love the Sweet Life stamp set and the Mega Gracious Vases and I loved how she put it all together.
She embossed the vase and I did too, but first I made a mask, stamped some stems and then I used the Crackle Background stamp set using the versamark; I heat embossed with clear powder.  With the mask still on, I used a dauber to rub some lemon tart and harvest gold ink into the vase.  I liked her idea of  'grounding' the vase, so I ran a piece of dark chocolate card stock through the cuttlebug with the wood grain embossing plate.  I tied it off with a piece of twine.

I especially liked the roses from Jessica's card because like the previous card, I wanted to have another card ready for my daughter to give to the church staff for all their work at organizing the T-shirt sales.  And it just so happens that we have a very talented "Rosarian" in our parish, and what that means is:  he is FABULOUS at nurturing the many rose bushes we have around our grounds...There are several by the front door of the office.  What could be better than a bouquet of roses to give to these kind and loving people?


  1. This is beautiful Colleen! This is the perfect card for those kind folks~

  2. This is so gorgeous. Love it.

  3. Colleen... your yellow roses... LOVE. Your crackled vase... LOVE. Yup... pretty much love it!

  4. Beautiful card. Praise from Jessica too. Just enjoyed looking at your clean and simple class cards they are lovely too.


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