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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Clear and Simple 2 Day 9 - 2 Texture on cards

                                                          Layered Washi Tape
 I had this really pretty periwinkle color washi tape and thought that would make a nice background.  Lisa Spangler again showed a card using this technique in the class.  The flower was cut with PTI felt, the leaves from Turning a New Leaf and Embroidered Blooms.  I added a little yellow button for the center of the flower.  The sentiment is from the Embellishment stamp set.  This card is another that will go to my daughter to send out to those who have supported her during this cancer ordeal.  She finished her 6th chemo and is now in bed with a fever and cold.  Her lungs are clear, her blood work was good, so I guess it is just all the junk that is going around....she does have a five year old son who is in kindergarten and he seems to have a lot of coughs and snotty noses....and he LOVES his mommy so much, he cannot keep his hands off her, as much as she tries to tell him not to touch her when he is sick.  It is hard!

Are you all having fun in this class?  I have sure learned a lot and have quite a stash of cards now too!


  1. Beautiful card, I really must invest in some washi tape. So creative of you.
    Prayers for your daughter and her little one too. Yes this is card class is so fun, aren't Kristina, Jennifer and Julie the best at getting our creative juices flowing?

  2. Very pretty! Love the washi tape and the felt flower. I'm having a ball in class and getting lots of cards made too!

  3. Pretty indeed! Nice backround en lovely flower with the felt. Hope your daughter feels better soon.


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