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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Clean and Simple 2 Day 7 - 1

                                                  Big and Small Border Stamps
Kristina showed a technique using your big and small border stamps as a this technique took using some brains...I think I am in short supply of brain cells today.  First, do you remember the 5 year birthday card I made for my grandson who is actually only going to be 4?  Well, thought I would remedy that situation and focus on a 4 year card for him with this technique.

And I wanted to use the half and half dies, so it took some measuring and centering and I don't know,  to my eye it still looks a little "off" I cut my masking big disadvantage with having the sheets of eclipse paper versus the rolls (which I have a roll) .. little trickier laying things out and running them through your die cutting machine...anyway, go through that, layed it on my card and spritzed it with the only spritzer I have which is a Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist in Bahama right to spritzing the card and remembered I did not lay down my number die first...grrrrr...Start all over...cut the paper, score, lay the eclipse paper down and run it through my Big Shot...I lined it up so that the edge where I wanted to stop cutting hung off the plate, then I had to use a craft knife to cut the end off...Remembered to put my 4 down this time!!  Then I spritzed...decided I spritzed too much, but that is just how it is going to be...I used Ocean tide ink for all the background stamps.  But after I stamped my first row of polka dots, I had pulled off the 4 die...cause of course I was missing some brain cells...and was ready to stamp another row when it hit me in the face...OH NO!  Had to die cut another 4 and lay it down...then I finished with all my stamping of the background stamps which are PTI.

Maybe another day would be best to try this one again


  1. Very nice!You can be happy with this one, as your grandson will be!

  2. What a karack up, Colleen! I mean, I know it wasn't funny at the time, but you wrote a great description of the follies involved. Boy, have I been there. In fact, last month my friend had an anniversary blog hop in honor of our wedding anniversary which I said was 43 years, only to have one of my readers comment, "uh, I did the math and think it's only 42." She was right, so I quickly amended my post. Oy. The Mister didn't catch it either! These rus, er, I mean "golden" years are something else!!


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