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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Clean and Simple 2 Day 5 - 6

                                                           One Stamp Three Ways

 And the last card was embossed and then I used a ranger foam to add some spun sugar distress ink all around the page...I went back with a smaller dauber and highlighted some the flowers individually to give it more color and depth.  That's it, but it might not be my last...I have the whole weekend yet to get inky and think of some more cards.  I do have to spend all afternoon in the gym watching my 9 year old grand daughter play volleyball.  My husband is the coach and my younger daughter assists him, so yes she does have family, but nothing like having your own mom and dad to cheer her on...My older daughter (Lily's mom and her dad and little brother) will go first thing in the morning and watch her play the pool play...three matches, then the family will leave to go watch their other daughter play VB in the opposite direction and that is when I will show up to give her some love!  Lily's mommy is the one who just completed her sixth chemo for lymphoma last Friday, so she has not been able to attend a lot of the sporting events and Lily really misses her mommy when she is not there.  It is all about FAMILY, right?


  1. Your on a roll these past couple of days. Again, all three are just amazing...can't pick a favorite. Love that stamp by the way!

  2. This is sooooo beautiful and it is my favorite of the three. I absolutely love it.

  3. Just been looking at all your "homework" cards - they are just fabulous. I particularly like the one stamps three ways set - so very pretty, and this one is my favourite!

  4. Hi Coleen, I am so behind in my commenting and with my homework. I wanted to comment on how beautiful all of your cards so far are. You are such an inspiration and have really embraced the class. Your results are so perfect. :)

  5. My, you are really in a cardmaking flow! These three are very pleasing to the eye!


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