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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Clean and Simple 2 ~ Bonus Day

What a surprise to wake up and find another Clean and Simple 2 in the inbox on Saturday morning!  Yeah!  I do NOT have any alphabet is  that possible?  I may have to remedy that very soon!  However, I do have NUMBERS!  So I thought to myself, my little grandson is having a birthday...not until May, but now is a good time to make it and use this new technique too!
The idea is to use washi tape and die cut it, then adhere it to the washi tape was not as wide as I needed it for the number die, so I had to line up two strips to make it work...put it on glossy paper.  I did the same for the gift box...two strips!  One of the lessons earlier in the week had us use an embossing folder on the bottom of the card to "ground it"...which I forgot to do!  So I decided to 'ground' my  present on the Cuttlebug "Happy Birthday" embossing folder!  Unfortunately you cannot see the "H A P P Y" at the bottom of the card, but clearly visible in real life!!

So I assembled the whole card and looked at it and realized my grandson is NOT turning 5 this May, he is  turning 4!  OMG...will I even remember I have this card over a year from now???  Not likely!!

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  1. Very cute card Col. That's a pretty funny story. It's tough getting old. Hee Hee


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