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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Teacher Christmas gifts

Did I tell you all that my husband bought a Microsoft Surface for me just before going into the hospital to have the lower lobe of my lung removed due to a cancer tumor?  Silly me, I thought I would be keeping track of my special blogs, playing some games, checking email...little did I know I would not be awake long enough to do any of that, but I also couldn't really move well so sitting up and working this tablet was not high on the agenda!  And the first two weeks I was home I pretty much slept away the days.  I did run across a really neat sewing idea...actually saw it on Danielle's blog HERE...scroll down just a bit because it is not the first post she did...she linked up the directions to the original post that you can find HERE...thanks for a great tutorial Tisha...Now I have had those pocket kleenex tissues in my purse and after a while they get kind of grungy and the wrap starts to tear and then the kleenex isn't so very 'Clean'.  I thought this was a great I pulled out a bunch of fabric scraps and cut one...then I laid down for a up sewed it...laid back down, took a nap...You get the idea!  It took me quite a while to make these, but they are easy peasy and sew up so quickly.  I offered them to my daughters for gifts for the teachers and of course they took me up on that idea.  My preschool grandson took three to school today as he has three teachers in his room...I forgot to take pictures  but the tags were a little more elaborate than the ones I just made tonight cause I am under the wire to get these done as they only have two more days of school before they are out for Christmas (winter) vacation.  So here are the little goodies:

Aren't these just the cutest?  I added a couple of little buttons following Tisha's lead.  I thought it added a nice touch.  Now these little goodies can get squished and scrunched in your purse, bag or even back pack (as my little 5 year old Addie pointed out to me) and I do believe the tissues will stay clean and white!  Check out Daniele's blog she had them gift wrapped differently, I just used what I had on hand!  Love these glassine bags!  Thanks for taking a look.

And may I take a moment to wish everyone a most blessed and joyful Christmas.  Thank you to everyone  who has sent me Christmas cards and well wishes for better health.  Every day is getting better...less pain means less pain pills which means I am little more coherent!  I still tire very easily but I have been given a clean bill of health from my oncologist...there were no other signs of cancer once the lung was removed!  so yeah!!  And for my daughter, she has had her fourth chemo treatment, she will have two more and hopefully no more after that.  Her last PET scan indicated major reduction in the cancer in her continued prayers are so appreciated!


  1. They are the cutest Colleen! Have a very Merry Christmas & here's to 2013 being the year when you & your daughter reach full recovery! Big Hugs, Stephanie xxx

  2. Colleen the kleenex covers are adorable and I will be making some for my grandson's teachers. I'm so sorry to hear of you and your daughters heath problems and will keep both of you in my prayers.

  3. Wow these kleenex covers are great Colleen and I'm happy to hear that you are doing quiet well under the circumstances. i would like to wish you and yours a very blessed christmas and I also pray that in 2013 your problems and your daughters problems have completly gone. You are in my prayers.


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