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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thank You cards for my daughter to send out

Dina has been touched by so many people in this lymphoma journey she is on...friends, family, church people, the community in general are all supporting her in so many different ways.  Some days she comes home and finds a gift bag on her front porch...and Mon - Thur there are meals left in a cooler on her front porch.  She was told NOT to send out thank you's for the food...people want to do it and she does not have to send out cards...she is sending out a quick text thanking the individuals for the meals.  But seriously, for the generous gifts and kindness so many friends are giving her she just feels it requires a personal note of gratitude.  I gave her some thank you cards from my stash, but I had just ordered the Hope and Faith Stamp set from PTI, and I decided I needed to make cards with that stamp and do it all in "lime green" as that is the designated color for lymphoma cancer.

A few weeks ago a friend asked Dina her favorite bible verse and this one came to mind:  Proverbs 3:5  Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding .  This friend worked with a local sporting goods store to have T-shirts and Sweatshirts available in purple with lime green lettering .  The front of the shirts say:  "Fight like a girl" and the cancer ribbon symbol has the words: team Dina on it.  The backs all have the bible verse on it.  So I made a bookmark with the bible verse and stamped the ribbon in spring moss and cut a slit in the front of the card so it can be pulled out and used.  I think you can read the inside of the card clearly enough and then of course a BIG THANK YOU!

Just today she came home and found two gift bags on her porch...she is being showered with love and special attention because she is a special lady.  People world wide are praying for her and I wouldn't have it any other way.  And I just want to thank all my blogging friends from near and far for your prayers and support during this time!  You ladies are awesome!
Here is Dina ( in gray shirt) after getting her hair cut by friend Kari


  1. I think it's so wonderful all this loving support! People love to give and it's very gracious to accept it when it's given.
    It's a beautiful verse and I love the inside!

  2. That's all so really nice Colleen!! But i always say; When tou give, you will receive!!
    Great the way you made these tags!

  3. The support and help must be such a comfort! In days like these you really get to know the people around you and I can see you are so fortunate! The tags you made will be much appreciated by the people.

  4. That's such a nice gesture making those tags reading your post has left me in tears it's so heartwarming to have such great support and so much help.
    You are all so fortunate and blessed it hopefully will help you all through these difficult days to come.

  5. Oh Colleen, I've just been catching up on your story - I think it says a lot about what a wonderful person your daughter is to have so many people reach out & help in any way. I love your thank you card & I love the sentiments. I want you to know that you, Dina (& the family) are in my thoughts & prayers x


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