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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Remembering the 4 W's...who what when where....

Hi all!...

I started this blog when I was wanting to share my cards and enter different challenges.  I have had a personal blog for almost 5 years now and I really didn't want to mix the two.  My other blog is more personal and I post pictures of the family and what is happening in our life.  It is a way to stay connected to friends and relatives that don't live close to me.  And I didn't think it was appropriate to add in cards to the mix and so I have kept them separate.   And I still will, but I have so many wonderful blog friends from around the world...specifically in The Netherlands that mean so much to me and have been sending me cards extending their prayers and thoughts for both my daughter and me.

So I am adding a link to the sidebar for my personal blog "Remember the 4 W's".  It is there if you would like to read the news about our "cancer journey" together.  My daughter was diagnosed with lymphoma and one week into the diagnosis I was diagnosed with a tumor on my lung.  My daughter has had one chemo treatment and I saw the surgeon today and I wrote about it on the other blog.  You can choose to go there if you want to read about our story. 

For now I have been making Thank You cards for my daughter using the "Faith and Hope" stamp set from PTI...You all would NOT believe the community support for my daughter's fight with this stage four lymphoma.  She is receiving gifts almost every day...and she receives four meals a week, delivered to her front door.  She has a "tab" at a local corner grocery store and people drop in and just leave $20 to add to the tab!  Last night someone she really doesn't even know brought over three meals, brownies and sleepwear from a very nice clothing store!  Unbelievable and overwhelmingly generous, kind and wonderful friends and so many others in the community.  She is so blessed and has apparently touched many many lives with her spirit and her goodness of heart.  She is loved and in return she loves all of them.  On Monday, we are all donning our "TEAM DINA"  T-shirts and Sweatshirts and having a group picture is a surprise for her!

So thank you all for your continued support and love from near and far...especially to my best blogging friend EVER, Jose!  And from Jose, I have met Anja, Marjan, Cornelie, Monique who have shown their love and concern with their hand made cards!  I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

I will be making cards again, and hopefully soon, but I am doing whatever I can to help my daughter right now.  They live right next door to us and she has three children, so while I am able, I am helping with transportation to school or sports activities, grocery shopping, washing the sheets, folding clothes...anything that will help her to take care of herself.  On Nov. 26 I will be having surgery where the lower lobe of my left lung will be removed in order to remove the tumor, so I will be out of commission for a little while.  But...I  WILL be don't stay away too long!!

Thank you all for your prayers and love!


  1. It's so heartwarming to read all this Colleen you are very blessed having such dear friends. Thank you for mentioning us in your post we all have you and your family in our thoughts and prayers. I wish you all the best with your surgery and hopefully you will recover soon.
    Hugs Anja

  2. You have an amazing community! Blessed indeed. Thanks for your sweet words... dearest friend!

  3. Your writing never fails to touch my heart, Colleen. I am so happy for you and your daughter that you live in such a wonderful community! Ofcourse you will be back, I just know you will! :)

  4. Oh ,Colleen ....I have not been by for a long time ,I saw your face on an old post of mine I was led here to see how you are. I am so sorry for all you are dealing with . You are in my prayers your daughter too. Big hug to you.


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