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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Another reason for no time to craft

Well, you will NOT believe this...I have cancer too!  Isn't that just crazy?  But I believe mine will be easier to remove...we will know more after three days of scans coming up this week.  Basically what happened was back in August I thought I was having a kidney stone while on we went to the hospital and they did a CT scan, while doing the scan for the kidney, they picked up a lower portion of my lung and saw a small mass on it.  The ER doctor told me to check it out further...which I did.  I had another scan and it showed 1/2 inch nodule that was not calcified.  I had a needle biopsy this last week and it came back as a cancerous we think the good news is that this type of tumor can be surgically removed.  After more testing we will learn if this is the only one (praying!) and be able to proceed.  Between Dina and me we are keeping the family very stressed!  Dina has it worse though, because of the lesion on her bone eroding the bone and causing the pain.  She has one more CT scan on Monday and will then start her chemo infusion on Friday.

I just wanted to let you all know.  We spent this Friday night and Saturday at a Women of Faith conference and it was just what we be lifted up with his Grace and Mercy, to sing words of praise and to remember that He is our comforter, our strength and our Heavenly Father who pours out His love for us.

God bless you all.



  1. O, my god, Colleen!! I read your last post, ánd this one! How is this possible!! My words in English are not enough, to say you how sorry I am!! I think of you, and your daughter, and family!

  2. Yes it is just beyond belief! And the stress must be awful. But it is good news the doctor thinks it can be removed! Will hope and pray as you know dear Col! As well as for Dina and the rest of your family.
    HUGS! Jose

  3. OMG dear Colleen as Jose said it's beyond belief!!! A little comfort that it can be removed futhermore we will all pray and hope for the both of you and your family too.
    HUGS Anja

  4. My hopes are up too for you and your daughter! I am so happy you can find comfort in your faith.


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