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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Natural Beauties

I showed this card to my husband and he starts singing:  "Happy Birthday to me" is not his birthday!  The second thing he ALWAYS does is open the card...ha ha, I very rarely have a sentiment inside!  Then he really looks at the card and says:  "this is an 'old fashioned' kind of card"...and I said, "yes, I guess it does look like that" and then I tell him this was the stamp I had to spend $100 to get for FREE!! And his response:  "of course you did, and it is not like you have any other flowers".  To which I replied:  "Yes, but NONE like is a one of a kind and can NEVER be purchased again!"  We both laughed!

So yes, this is the Natural Beauties from the fabulous SAF by Papertrey, Ink.  And really the $100 I spent  was for paper that I was running very low on, and then a few other essential items, like the star border die that I have been coveting since it's release, and the Harvest Berry Die after seeing what Betsy did with it during the SAF it is all good stuff, KWIM??!!


  1. This is so pretty and springy looking. Looks like better than on Skype last night. Love your colors.

  2. That should say Looks lot better than on Skype last nigh.

  3. Very pretty Colleen I love those flowers and ofcourse you had to get them. Hi,hi, I also want those harvest berries seeing what Betsy did with them.


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