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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Girl and boy Party Invitations

While my BFF, Linda, was here for the SAF we brainstormed some ideas.  I had made some party invitations using the Card Base-ics # 1 Die for my grand daughter who turned 5.   So Linda took that idea and made 10 invitations for boys using the Tremendous Treats:  Birthday with hot air balloons and Heart 2 Heart Balloons...we packaged them up in a glassine bag and tied it off with some twine from the Twinery.  She made both for a girl, one for a boy.  Then about a week later my daughter said, "I need to come up and get some thank you cards, mom".  And I had a light bulb moment!  I took a card stock and cut into into four equal pieces thinking these could just be "postcard" thank you's!!  So this is what I came up with:
I used the Label Basics for the address portion, stamped off the little "princess in the bottom corner and on the back side, I stamped the same hearts that were on the face of the invitation.  Then I stamped a "thank you" at the top.  Plenty of room for the hand written thank you and for the little one to sign their name.
And this is the set for the boy invitations.  I was asked to bring some of my cards to a little shop that opened about a month ago close to where I live.  So I brought my box of cards and the owner picked through them and kept 150 cards...we showed her the sets we made from the SAF Lunch Sack Gift card set and she loved them and wants us to make more.  These invitations are going to her store also...the postcard "thank you's" are in a clear sleeve and I will include the postage stamp for mailing.

I am now making some baby shower invitations in the same way and will again include a post card thank you.  These are fun and easy to make and I hope they sell!


  1. It's a great idea Colleen! Looks wonderful. And you are becoming quite the sales woman, teehee!

  2. Arranging baby shower invitations is an awesome means to display you and your partner's excitement to turn into father and mother. Display your creative imagination. Do not be afraid to experiment. Keep in mind that having a baby is an enjoyable part of being a parent.

  3. Certainly wonderful, as are your cards below. How nice your cards are going to be sold in the shop!


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