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Friday, August 17, 2012

A Special Birthday Card....

I have mentioned before that my BFF and I have been friends for 55 years...her family was my family and vice versa...we spent a lot of time at each other's homes...I would stay with her one weekend, she would stay with me the really her parents became my parents...her father is Hispanic...his family originating from Spain ...and one thing that he ALWAYS said to me was:  "I need a paintbrush to paint your blue eyes brown"!!...I suppose then I would "belong" in the family!  ha ha...still have those blue eyes and he is still hanging on...he will be 92 on the 29th of this month...WOW!  I had to make a special birthday card for him...and I guess I don't know how special this really is, but I pulled out Make A Wish stamp set and also  Script Sentiment...I die cut some layers of a 'cake' and one layer HAD to be chocolate (for me and his two daughters, at least!!)...I think he will like this card.  I think it has a masculine feel to it, what with the brown and melon berry colors!

So since he does NOT have a computer, I can post it now and he will not see it before it comes to him in the mail!
So to my 'second father', Happy happy Birthday!  Love, col


  1. Wow..92 years old. I'm sure he will cherish this card.

  2. Wow 92 that's a respectable age. I think he is going this love this card.


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