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Saturday, July 21, 2012

SAF Ribbon Challenge

Knots-BadgeThe Ribbon Challenge...well, it was called a challenge for a reason, right?  So after trying Betsy's (which BTW, I LOVED her card and the ribbon flower technique)...I just couldn't do it!  I guess I am ribbon challenged!  (Don't worry I will NOT give up...I will just have to practice at my leisure!) 

So on to Erin's ribbon challenge...straight problem...I chose ocean tides, aqua mist and lemon tart for my three colors of ribbon (mainly because that is what I had in the twill ribbon...ha!)  I used the "happy" die from Pretty Peonies...just cut in lemon tart stamping...and of course I didn't have matching buttons, so I pulled out the button die and made my own!

Are you all having fun?  My BFF and I are way behind, but we figure we have a couple of days to get things made and posted...we are enjoying the moments and NOT stressing at all...such fun!  Thanks PTI and ALL you wonderful CREATIVE AND TALENTED ladies of the dream ...I mean DESIGN TEAM!!


  1. oh WOW!!! This is one great card. Look at that wedding cake. It's fabulous!

  2. Great card Colleen love the colors you choosed amazing work.

  3. Beautiful! I love your ribbon color choices, and you're so smart to make your own buttons! I always forget about that.

  4. Gorgeous! I need to try this when I have some time...and get these dies! :)


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