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Monday, July 16, 2012

Lily's Bag

My profile mentions that I have six grandchildren and that at least one of them has the love of all things crafty.  For Lily's 9th birthday she wanted to make a new school bag....she made one last year, but it was small, could maybe hold one this time she was thinking BIG!  On her birthday in June we went to the fabric store and she selected a black and white zebra print and a very pretty fine print in a chartreuse green!  Her idea was for the bag to be zebra striped and the lining to be the I set off to find a suitable pattern that would be somewhat easy for her to make.  She did all the sewing, I did the cutting, she also did the ironing...and she sewed on two of the buttons and stitched around two of the flowers...I finished off the rest of it..this is her creation:
Lily also decided the straps should be we went with that ...  The big pocket outside the bag has her initial and then some PTI die cut fabric flowers and a few buttons in the center...the inside of the bag, which I don't have a picture, has two pockets, one on each has three slotted spaces for pens, pencils etc. and the other is not as deep, but wider for whatever else she feels she needs to keep in there!
    Good Job, Lil's...very proud of you!  Lily is a sweetie for sure!


  1. This is a great looking bag! Compliments for the both of you!

  2. She sure looks like a sweety too. What a pretty young lady and look at that gorgeous bag! It looks wonderful. Love the zebra print and the green. LOvely patterns on it. She should be really proud!

  3. Good job Lily. You are going to be as creative as your grandma....


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