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Monday, May 21, 2012

Make It Monday #67: Step-it-Up: Mixing Patterned Papers Card # 2

I gave it another try...this time I decided to go for a Christmas can never start too early with those Christmas cards!!  If you want to check out the video go HERE and watch and listen to Betsy as she explains her thought process when selecting several pattern paper for cards.

I am using the Holiday Swirls and Flourishes Paper Pack...again, I guess I am using all the same paper from one source so I know they all blend.  But when I went looking through my stash and saw this pack I just couldn't resist making a card.  I thought this snowflake background paper was definitely a larger scale.  I liked the stripes because it picked up the same green as the background paper but added a pop of the scarlet jewel red.  My next thought was to die cut the Damask snowflake using the soft tone on tone music sheet from that same pack.  I added a white limitless layer and then a .75 circle that I distressed with the chamomile tea ink.  The sentiment is from Signature Christmas...I added a little stitching here and there and it is done!
                                                           Thank you again for taking a look!


  1. A real beauty! So elegant! Like the diecut and label attached to it very much!

  2. This is just gorgeous! Love it!

  3. OH MY GOODNESSES! This is a gorgeous card. Love the fact that you used the third pattern as one of the die cuts. PERFECT

  4. Loved your card! The damask snowflakes really shine with the distressed sentiment in the middle.

  5. Great layers, Colleen! Such a stunning card!


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