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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lily makes a BAG

Well, here I am to show off a little bit more of my grand daughter, Lily, she will be having her 9th birthday this June!  She is amazing and just loves to get crafty with me!  For quite a while she has been telling me about a book bag she wants to make and have one strap that goes over her head and the bag sits on her we got some material and she made it...darling...she brought it to school and her friends immediately said they wanted her to make one for them!  And of course she is more than willing to do so!

Lily was with me last weekend while the rest of her family was in Corvallis for her older sister's volleyball tournament...Yeah, it was Mother's day weekend and Lily chose to stay home with me instead of going with her family...can you blame her?  We were finally getting some hot weather in the 80's (26-31 c)!!  that is hot for us in Oregon!  So you know what Lily wanted to a bag for a new friend that is in her class and moved in just down the road from it is:
This time around we decided we should have a we used the same fabric as the lining for the  pocket...then we decided it was boring, so we should die cut some flowers and leaves and add those (now in hindsight, it would have been better to add all those BEFORE we sewed the pocket on...but  we were kind of flying by the seat of our pants and having all sorts of ideas as we went...then we decided to put her initial (Jane) on the pocket too...Lily hand cut the letter from felt...all felt is from PTI and the dies are from the Beautiful Blooms.  Lily is very proud of this bag and can hardly wait to give it to her friend!  I am so proud of her...I have a feeling we will be making a few more of these as gifts for her friends!

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  1. What an adorable bag! Love the felt flowers on it. No wonder Lili's schoolmates would like one too! Its a one of a kind!


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