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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gift Bags

My 10 year old (soon to be 11) grand daughter plays on the Portland Volleyball 12 + under Purple team.  This weekend is their last tournament of the season.  They won the Regional Championship in April and will head to Bellevue, Washington for their final tournament.  They were paired up with the 18 + under Black team as "sister teams for this weekend (Ellie was given two girls as they have more players than Ellie's team) they were all asked to give "little" gifts to each other both Friday and Saturday nights.  My daughter, Dina stopped in today and asked if I could make some of those cute bags (using the Front and Center Die!) that she had seen me make for birthdays...So we got the players volleyball numbers and I got out the Super Stars stamp set and went to work.  I cut their number using my cricut and added lots of little stars, some I embossed with white powder.  I made one bag in white and the other in black.  Now their job is to fill the bag with little gifts...lip gloss, pen, small notebook, that sort of thing...I think my grand daughter will be pleased with these bags.  the other thing she needed was a tag that she can write some words to each I used the Library Card die and stamped a sentiment from the Simply You set.  Take a look and see what you think...(ps...I still wish PTI would make a volleyball stamp...I bought the "Have a Ball" stamp set and the volleyball was NOT included...darn, my family is BIG into volleyball!)

The funny thing is that Ellie used a stamp I bought her for Christmas that says:  created by Ellie and stamped it on the back side of the bag...yeah, she didn't do anything to put this together, but she loved stamping her name!

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  1. Great idee and love the way you translated that into to these elegant yet sporty-looking bags! Must be nice to have aan grandmother like you :)


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