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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A VERY special card

Last summer when my friend Linda and I traveled to Papertrey's Stamp-A-Faire, we met up with a generous lady who was also a big fan of Papertrey.  She lives outside Chicago and offered to drive us to Cincinnati for the one day retreat.  There were five of us in the car...Amber (Damask Love), Taheerah (Little Miss T), Dawn and then Linda and I...we had a great time getting to know each other.  We shared a lot of stories and one of things that Dawn said really weighed heavy on my heart.  She said that she is a parcel buddy (maybe parcel isn't the correct word) but she explained that she gets PTI products mailed to her house from a buddy in Ireland and then Dawn repackages it and sends it on.  She explained how it saves her buddy a lot of money, especially since it is a gift and not going through customs.  I thought to myself, I could be a buddy for someone!  And I met Jose from the Netherlands...if you want to see the amazing work that she does, then go HERE  to check out her blog...I warn you, she is one talented lady...she does it all...stitching that is beyond magnificent (and the inside too!).  She and I have become good friends and email back and forth regularly now.  I feel like I have known her my whole life...she is a real gem.  And she made me the most fantastic card for my birthday EVER!  I took a picture of it and some close ups can admire the work she does.  I am truly honored that she thinks enough of me to take the time to put all these little details together and she sent me a butterfly die that I can hardly wait to use!!
 Are you as impressed with this card as I am?  Isn't it fantastic?  And look at all the details...she uses her Silhouette, dies, stitching, embossing, and blings all to perfection!  I love that girl and want to grow up to be just like her...I will always treasure this card...and I wanted to share it here for it to last more than my lifetime!

Thank you, Jose for thinking of me and putting so much of your "gifts" into this card.  YOU are a treasure!
 Hugs and Kisses back at you, Jose!

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  1. Oh my goodness Colleen, my eyes are watering and my cheeks are blushing... I am so touched by this wonderful blogpost. Thank you so much. It's so sweet you've done this. You are such a good friend too and I hugely appreciate it that you offered to be my parcel buddy (like that word). I hope to send you many more cards and your response is anything any cardmaker could hope for!
    Hugs, Jose


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