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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Memory Bookmarks

In my last post I mentioned that I attempted to print some PTI cardstock and it got stuck and I was forced to tell my DH and ask for his help.  He was NOT happy with me and I had to promise to NEVER print with PTI cs paper again!  What I was trying to do was type a saying that my FIL was most famous for...well, he actually had two sayings that has been passed down through the family...The first is: "You get what you give".  And boy have I used that one a lot with the know it is all about giving and helping, not about what you receive in return for your good works!  Yeah, sometimes a tough lesson, but one that we stick to in the family.  All the great grandchildren know that saying very well.  The other saying that my FIL used a lot was:  "Count Your Blessings".  And how true is that?  If only we can remember E.V.E.R.Y. single day how important it is to look for and find the abundance of blessings around us and to be thankful for them.  And now you may be asking why I was making some bookmarks.  Well, my dear sweet FIL unexpectedly passed away just last Sunday.  He had fallen (I know, I thought the same thing, oh oh...this will be the beginning of the end) and sure enough it was.  He fell on Tuesday, had surgery for a broken femur on Wednesday night and died Sunday afternoon.  We thought all was going well, he was even walking and doing physical therapy.  But the Lord called him home and it is our loss that is sad, but our Joy that he is with the Lord.  He lost his dear wife of almost 66 years just four months ago.  His funeral service will be private in that only a few family members will be present, but he will have the full military honor guard salute as he was a marine and fought in WWII.  I thought it only right to give out a memento to everyone with Bill Foelker's famous quote:  You GET what you GIVE...his name, date of birth and date of death.  I hope this will continue to be a reminder of how much this gentle, kind, compassionate man gave to anyone he met...every time they open a bible or read a book, this can be their marker...

I used Beautiful Butterflies and Fancy Flourishes....I will laminate these so that they will stay in better shape and last a long time.


  1. He must have been a remarkable man and I think it's wonderful that you have made these lovely tags to give away. Love that saying. I think I will pass that down to my kids too!

  2. What a nice idea Col. These will make a wonderful memorial of Bill. Lovely


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