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Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Cards made by Lily

My 8 year old grand-daughter helped me make 40 Easter cards to give to the people who live in a rehab/retirement facility.  It is the place where my MIL stayed for several months when she was recuperating from a fall.  We made Christmas cards and handed them out to these lovely people and they so appreciated the cards and seeing the children again.  This facility has been around along time and they have lifetime residents can imagine the folks who don't have a loved one to care for them, or are not able to care for them.  Many of them need a lot of assistance and many are perhaps mentally handicapped.  But we got to know some of them from all the visits we made daily to my MIL, Lily's Great Grandmother.  She passed away last November and we miss her, but these people need to know we care about them and the caregivers are just giving and loving towards these people in their care.  So Lily and I pulled out the paper and the stamps and got busy...Lily did all of the coloring, I just taped pieces together. 

Melissa Philips asked a question on the forum about letting children or grandchildren use our supplies.  How do we deal with that?  Do we allow it?  Do we restrict use of some materials?  (Must admit to coveting the PTI CS...they can use the colored paper from a local craft store) Yes and no...if it is one on one, I have taught Lily how to color with copics and how to use the Vagabond (although I do have a cuttlebug that her 4 year old brother uses).  I guess I let all the children come to the room and create anything they want and trust me, I do have to zip my lip when they are getting ink all over the stamp blocks and such.  I just ask that they stamp on the craft sheet so it is easy to wipe up.  I try to give direction, but some are very determined to do things "their way" for the most part I let them do whatever they what.  I do ask that they close up inks, clean all stamps and put away material before they leave the house...And have a mentioned that three of my grandchildren live right next door to me?  So I do get visitors all the time, which I don't mind (most of the time!).  And it cracks my husband up to hear our almost 5 year old little guy say, "I want to crap in Grandma's room"...!!!  LOL  He has some speech impediments!


  1. Nice job Lily. These are very pretty. I know the old people will love them. Linda

  2. Wheeeeeeeee crap in grandma's room... oh my gosh, you crack me up with this one.
    The cards are soooo cute! What a sweet idea!


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