One seed can start a garden, one candle can light a room, one step can begin a journey, one conversation can start a friendship, one smile from a handmade card can lift one's SPIRIT!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Two more St. Patricks Cards

I have three elderly Aunts, and I send them cards frequently through out the is important for me to stay connected with them and I feel that it is important that they receive information about family.  We do not live near each other, so by sending cards and a letter, we keep in touch and are able to express our love for each other.


  1. Nice job on the St. Patrick Day cards. Your aunts are very lucky to have such a thoughtful niece.

  2. Where are these clovers (?) from? I really like them. And again green, LOVE that color!

    1. Jose, the clovers are from VERVE...the set is called Lucky You...check it out!!


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