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Monday, February 13, 2012

PTI Anniversary Butterflies and Leaves Challenge Card 2

I used to have a butterfly tree in my yard...and YES, it did attract butterflies...I always got so excited to see those bright colorful little winged friends flying by...such a delight...and the beautiful hanging purple flowers were just stunning...however....this tree became unmanageable..,.it spread, it grew where I didn't want it, the old trunk got very woody and rotten, so I finally cut it down and removed it...I may have to look at finding something that will not spread and can be contained, because not only did it attract the butterflies, but it brought in my  favorite little birds...the HUMMERS!!  For this card, I simply stamped the stem twice from Flutterby Friends and I used the butterflies from Butterfly Dreams and Round & Round Anniversary Set.

It's Your Day...celebrate with great joy and abundance of family and friends!


  1. I love your colorful one layer card. Very nice.

  2. Such a happy card! Love how your extended the stem of the vine :)

  3. Very nice clean and simple card. I love it. Mine turned out a little busy. Good job. I like the other one too, but this is my favorite...

  4. Really pretty! I love how you have the butterflies flying off the card.

  5. I love your colorful card!!! It's really pretty!!!


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