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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Valentine Treats

If you have followed this blog at all you know that I make little treats to give to my bible study ladies...and it is always "dark chocolate"!!  These little treats coincide with a seasonal the one coming up:  Valentines Day!  I purchased some little ( and I do mean "little" glassine bags...2 x 3.5)  just the perfect size for TWO DOVE DARK CHOCOLATES!!  I then punched out a square and stamped a couple of different sentiments:  Special Delivery with a heart and a heart with Happy Valentines Day in the center...I attached the square to the glassine bag by using a strip of washi with white dots along both edges...I think it looks pretty cute.  I used Betsy's idea about turning the Front & Center die into a cone...I used some two sided designer Valentine paper and cut it out and adhered it as she demonstrated here...I added some embellishments, doilies, some K & Company old fashioned valentine pieces...I placed 6 of my treat bags inside each cone.  We break into 6 groups for small discussion during the bible these will be placed in the center of the table and each lady will go home with a special treat!
Thanks for taking a look.

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