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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Project Candles

I made 50 of these candles...and there are about 8 different colors and embellishments.  They were fun to make and use dies and stamps in different ways.  The second candle was inspired by an MIM from PTI using sentiments for the background, but stamping off the paper first so that the words are softer and more subtle.  The top candle was definitely more time consuming as I had to die cut the folded rosette and then attach it...both to the strip and also to have a button on top.  These are not quite done yet as a medal needs to be placed with the ribbon/ twine.....then they will be given out at a luncheon for the ladies in my Women's Bible Study.  I think they will like this little gift...

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  1. I'm sure the ladies will like the gift. They look great! And I can imagine how much fun it was to make them. Great job Colleen!


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