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Friday, December 30, 2011

A Grandma Photo Book

My inspiration for this Photo Book is from Heather Nichols here she used the Sweet Baby stamp set and the dies ...My friend Mary has been waiting for years for a grandbaby and she will finally have her wish in March!  There is a baby shower and I thought I should give Mary a little something I followed Heather's pictures and made a booklet for Mary to put pictures of her new little grandbaby...I used glassine bags that I cut off and stitched along the bottom...It will be big enough for a wallet size picture or even a 3 x 3 picture.  I am thinking of something for the mom like a One Year Photo Frame...each month for a year she gets a picture of her baby and then puts a picture in the frame...(and of course she gives her mom one of the wallets to put into her photo 'brag' book!  My daughters have that and it is so fun to see how the baby changes from newborn to a here are some pictures of the cover of the book and the inside...
Front cover
Inside cover...important information!!

A sample of the pages...this is the 5th month and on the opposite side of each page for the picture I added a little notebook for any notes that Mary will want to know, first smile, first tooth, that sort of thing!


  1. This book is so cute. I love it. Great job.

  2. I love this Colleen! What a super sweet idea. That first page I adore with the six patches and stitching.


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