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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thank You Gift Cards

I mentioned a while back that my Mother-in-Law passed away and we had three most wonderful caregivers one could ask for...each was different and equally loved and appreciated.  They spent 5 weeks with my MIL to help her move and get around, to prepare some food for her (very little as it turned out), and mostly to assist the rest of the family through this process of dying.  We also had a fabulous bath aid that Hospice ended up being someone that my younger daughter went to high school amazing is that?  And she was so nice, and so gentle with my MIL...we are having a Celebration of her Life on Sunday, and I wanted to do a little extra for each of I made a gift card that I saw on Jennifer McGuire's blog ...they came together really fast...a little bit of stitching, a little fancy flourishes and a die heart stamped with background text.  I am going to buy some Starbucks Gift Cards for each of them...I saw them daily come to the house with their Starbucks cup...I know this little token will be appreciated for the next time they spend 36 or 48 hours at someone's home.
That's it...I am in between making the mashed potatoes and the dressing for our Thanksgiving dinner... a smaller group than normal...not so hectic and less to prepare...


  1. What a lovely gift for these wonderful people. They look great! I LOVE that sentiment from PTI.
    Hugs, Jose

  2. Love the thank you cards. They will be appreciated along with your thoughful gift.


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