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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Make It Monday #40: Reverse Applique Card # 4

Okay, this is a little crazy card...I couldn't resist thinking outside the box..or should I say outside the "jar"...the summer jar to be specific...a summer jar once filled with ripe luscious that you would take to the lake or river and eat with your fingers and then run to the water to wash off your hands because you are probably eating some sand along with the strawberries...but then you get sidetracked with building a sand castle and pretty soon a whole colony of ants have discovered the last strawberry in the jar...yummm...they are going to town with that sweet little berry half eaten...and it looks like some bees are trying to get into the action to take some sweetness back to their hive...Okay, enough of the is what I came up with for this reverse applique card:
thanks for taking a look...Crazy card, huh?  I stitched around the jar, but then I used a paper piercer to make the ant and bee tracks...Party Time...Oh yeah!!


  1. Oh, this card made me smile. How cute!

  2. Great idea & super cute card!

  3. So creative. I love the holes you punched for the bug lines. I will have to remember this card as I love playing with my jar sets.

  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the use of the jar die this way! def going into my idea file!


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