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Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Shout Out From Nichole of PTI!!

Imagine my shock when I opened Nichole's blog and read this:

"Hope you are as enchanted by this little scene as we are. Thanks for the smile Colleen."

Now, I had to click on the link to see the card she was referring to, because really there are more than one Colleen's making cards for PTI posts...and sure enough it was my card!  In the words of a fellow blogger and a new friend of mine from the Netherlands,Jose, I was "Over the Moon" when I saw it was my card Nichole was talking about.  To me, this is the absolute compliment!  It really doesn't get any better than that for me...well, I suppose if I were to send cards in for publication, that would probably really top it off...but for now, I love making cards and just sharing them so I am very humbled and so excited that Nichole made a comment about my card.  Wowie!  it is the best feeling ever!!  Totally validates all the $$$$$$ I spend on PTI goodies!!

In case you missed the card and don't feel like scrolling and scrolling, this is the card:

 thanks for letting me share this...I usually just keep this stuff to myself...but I am super excited about this!!  Can you tell???

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