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Friday, September 2, 2011

Make It Monday #30: Colored Pencils Participants

Ever since I purchased some "Blending Solution" at CHA I have loved coloring with pencils...I don't have to be perfect and get all the lines going the same way...just color and then use the blending tool and solution and it does all the work for you! 

When I was a young girl and visiting my BFF who lived up the street (and BTW we are still BFF of 54 years!!), I had to pass a corner lot with a grouping of flowering plants...and I suspect now that the plants were a lavender plant...they were filled with those cute little golden yellow butterflies.  I used to love to try to catch them...of course I would put grass and such in the bottom of the jar...I didn't really want them to die, I just wanted to keep them with me for a bit of time.  So I pulled out Flutter By and the Friendship Jar Stamps...I filled the jar with greens and some butterflies, but of course, I had to let them go...I had a family of them in the sentiment is from Happy Trails...I think the butterflies always dreamed of being released and living their life FREE!

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