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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Abundant Blessings...a Verve Stamp set

I love getting packages in the mail...especially when they hold stamp sets!!  So my blog friend, Jose, from the Netherlands, purchased some Verve stamps, had them mailed to me,(so I got to see all her lovelies, and was a bit jealous!!) and then I send them off to her!  The reason?  To save some money...if the company sends the stamps directly to her, she has to not only wait weeks for the package to go through customs, but she also has to pay extra taxes on ends up being cost prohibitive to do a lot of overseas ordering!  I send the package just as a 'gift' from me and she gets it in about 6 days...Yahoo!!  Okay, back to my stamps and the as I drooled over her stamps and tons of little dies, I went back to the Verve site and decided to purchase a few things that were on sale.  I have ordered from that company in the past (and they are in I get the stamps in two days!) but mostly quotes from the bible which I use a lot when I am making bookmarks for my bible study ladies!  Here is a quick card I made with the stamp set Abundant Blessings...I colored in the flowers with copics and then I drew the lines around the border...very simple and easy...well, except the coloring...that takes a little time...but I do love coloring, so time well spent!
That's it...thanks for taking a look!

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