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Friday, August 12, 2011

Three Thank You bags

This weekend we are heading up to Seattle..... first up on Saturday is a Iacolucci Reunion dad's side of the family...his 90th birthday is in October, but we are going to surprise him with a birthday cake and celebration, seemed the right thing to do since ALL of the family will be at this event.  One of my cousins caters this event for us...He has won an award for BEST cater in the Seattle area...and of course with a name like Iacolucci you can guess the menu includes all things pasta...spaghetti, meatball...the whole nine yards!

Then...because we couldn't ignore my Mom's side of the family (she has been deceased for over 4 years now)...she has ONE remaining sister living and some we asked if we could gather some of that clan together and see as many as we can.  My Aunt and her two daughters have planned, bought, and prepared a Sunday brunch for us...I think there will be about 30 on two brothers and I felt bad that we really couldn't contribute much to the food I bought some cute little garden stakes and made little gift bags for they are: 
Friendship Jar: summer fillers...very cute strawberries and look at those little ants....

I wanted to use the picket fence, then added some grass and flowers behind it, couldn't resist adding Little bitty birds and once I did that, I knew I needed some bird houses...

This last one I used the new Half & Half stamp along with the water bucket from Garden Variety
Each garden stake was just a little bit different...but all very cute and I think the three ladies will LOVE this little token of our appreciation!  Thanks for looking!

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