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Monday, July 11, 2011

A Long Line - Up of Cards

Not a lot of card playing time...except late at night...I seem to get my mojo and motivation going when all is quiet in the house....busy during the day with "life", kids, grandkids, older parents, business, new all get the drift...anyway...I was one of the very very lucky ones to snag a ticket (actually for a friend) to the PTI Stamping "A" Faire in just over a week!  Way last winter when Nichole announced on her blog that PTI would be attending the CHA in Chicago, my friend and I immediately agreed we would go and turn it into a little get-away-vacation and see the sites of the Windy City.  So we jumped on getting hotel know, before the rooms were all husband was kind enough to get us airline tickets to Chicago using miles...First Class even!!  So we were set and so looking forward to this trip.  Then the bottom fell out of the bag...PTI decided NOT to attend the Chicago CHA (and for very good reasons) we sat on our tickets awaiting news from PTI about having their own mini convention...So my friend and I hung in there...stressing at times...until finally the big announcement: The PTI Stamping "A" Faire would be an all day Cincinnati!!  On a specific day at a specific time (7 AM Pacific Time) we had to log on and try to be one of 200 to purchase limited tickets for this event.  And I was successful!!  And we were really lucky to find a wonderful follower of PTI who was also lucky enough to get a ticket and she lives in Chicago and offered to drive us to Cincinnati along with Taheerah (from the forum...Little Miss T) and also Amber (Damask Love is her blog) so the five of us will head out Friday morning from Chicago to Cincinnati...What a trip this will be!  Meeting new friends, meeting the designers...that is like Movie Stars to me...they are so talented, I am hoping some of their talent will rub off on me!!  Long story short...(since it hasn't been too short leading up to this..) PTI asked us to make cards for Operation Write Home and they will be giving away 'goodies' at this stamping retreat and I believe that for every card we donate, our name will be added to the it benefits everyone to make that has been my goal late at night to make easy CAS cards (I have copied and hope, selectively edited cards from other bloggers or designers) to send overseas...Without further they are (with a few personal birthday cards thrown into the mix)

Make it Monday - polaroid technique
I have more, but really they are just duplicates of ones already posted.  thanks for taking a peek

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