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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happy Trails

Happy Trails is another new set from PTI (do you get the feeling that I really like Papertrey Stamps?)  And that is why I am making a trip to Cincinnati this Wednesday....I get to go to the PTI Stamp "A" Faire...only 200 lucky people were able to get tickets...we get to meet the owners and 5 of the designers and make some cards that they have designed for us...we will get a bag of goodies...a free stamp set, I know for sure...they have a full day planned for us and then a wonderful dessert later in the evening and more goodies will be given away...I can hardly wait!  And my BFF, Linda from Seattle is coming down here and we are flying out together!  Oh, you can bet we will have the time of our life.  I haven't been able to make as many cards for the OWH (Operation Write Home) project that I would like, but I will have maybe 20 cards...I hadn't inked up the Happy Trails set yet, so I thought I would play with that and make a couple of cards for that project.
I used the Martha Stewart scoring pad to score a couple of lines on the bottom and top of the sentiment.
I think these cards might say just what the service men/women want to say to the special person they are sending a card to...this stamp set is so has a paper airplane, a dragonfly, a pencil, old fashioned ink pen, and a feather...lots of things that leave a "trail"...and it has really cute sentiments too like:  you color my world; let your dreams take flight, keep in touch...and I like this one:  A bird does not sing because it has an answer, It sings because it has a song.!

Hope you enjoyed the cards.

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