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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Another Make It Monday #17: Cracked Glass Technique

I actually tried this one first and I thought I was gently bending the paper to crack it, but I ended up tearing it a bit, so then I went to the flower posted below, but I still liked the idea of the cupcake on this PTI tag, so I tried it again.  I think I need a bit more practice with this technique in order to get nice small cracks...I almost jumped out of my skin when I bent it the first time and all of a sudden there was a loud crack...kind of scared me!!  LOL!  So here it is again...I used the cupcake from Baby Button Bits and colored it with copics.  For the background I stamped some from the Make a Wish stamp set...presents and candles and the sentiment is also from that stamp set. 

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