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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Make it Monday.# 7 .coloring with copics on non-neutral paper

Can you guess that I like this technique? This is my third card with coloring with copics on non neutral paper.  I am so happy that PTI is offering these kind of techniques every inspires and teaches all at the same time.  And if I don't have on hand what they are suggesting to problem, I just don't do it!  So I took my Year of the Flowers: Violets...the only flower stamp set I bought even though they offered so many different and beautiful stamps each of the months through this last year...the paper is Blueberry Sky...a few little gems for the flower pistons...I can see this little violet in the garden.  I decided to add a birthday sentiment as my two daughters usually come and take from my stash...I am happy that they like the cards enough to want to take and give one away...I know they will want to give one to their Grandma Elsa!

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