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Monday, March 14, 2011

Getting ready for Easter

I have mentioned that I love PTI stamps and everything they offer..well over a year ago, one of the designers came up with a mason jar idea and sketched out several jar 'toppers' along with things to place inside the daisies, marbles, paint brushes, silverware, then they came up with "Fall Jar Fillers, which included stamps for Thanksgiving and halloween...such as a broom with boots...pumpkins with leaves, candy corn and sticks for those yummy caramel apples or pumpkin candies...and lots of sentiments, too!  They were not done with this Friendship Jar came the Holiday Fillers with candy canes, snowmen, marhsmallows, sugar star cookies, snowflakes and peppermint candies...and again lots of sentiments.   We were not to be disappointed when the next series came out that included such stamps for Valentines and Easter...since valentines is passed, I have made a few cards for are a couple of them.  Again, I have used some sketches so that I could also use my sewing machine...and I love the dies, so I used several of them on each card.
Those cute little Easter Eggs are from this Spring Jar Fillers set..

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